Saturday, January 16, 2010

What is Intertel?

Founded in 1966, Intertel is a high-IQ society that has only one qualification for membership: a score at or above the 99th percentile on a standardized IQ test.

It is well established that intelligent people have special intellectual, emotional, and social needs which remain with them throughout life. Intertel helps meet those needs by nurturing a sense of camaraderie between members and providing many opportunities for its members (often referred to as Ilians) to communicate and express their unique views.

Intertel is international in scope and divided into eight geographic regions. Our monthly publication is Integra, The Journal of Intertel. We hold an annual gathering known as an AGA (Annual General Assembly), where we socialize, strategize, and conduct necessary business. Events at the local level are held throughout the eight regions of Intertel.

Since its founding in 1966, Intertel has grown to about 1,200 members in over thirty countries. Members of the society come from varied cultures and all walks of life; the single attribute they all share is high intellectual ability.

The society has three purposes:

* to encourage meaningful intellectual fellowship
* to foster an exchange of ideas on any and all subjects
* to assist in research relating to high intelligence

The society selects officers and regional directors who function as the Executive Board, the governing body of Intertel. Many local groups meet regularly.

Because members of Intertel are so geographically widespread, communication is very important. All members are encouraged to contribute to Integra, the Journal of Intertel, a monthly publication. In addition, regional newsletters are published periodically, and many members correspond via e-mail.

Intertel has 3 email social groups
Top1 is the first and largest of the groups
Intertel Singles
Intertel Atheists

Intertel Atheist

The owner of this group has seen the need for an Atheist / Non-Theist group. We consider ourselves a minority within a minority.
If you are a member of Intertel please go to our email group at and sign up. If you aren't a member of Interel yet you can join at